The Griffin House Concert Series

Our goal is to create a space for musicians to share intimate sessions of music with fellow music lovers, surrounded by the natural landscape of the Columbia River Gorge. We believe that the marriage of these two components enhances the uniqueness of each musical event and provokes a sense of magic and wonder that is nourishing to the soul.

We were initially inspired to start a Concert Series when we hosted our very first concert on the cliff. The sun was setting, the music rocking, and the audience, together, seemed to experience a sort of joy that was unique to the moment. Upon researching local venues, and then extending that research nationally, we realized that there are not many venues in existence offering this extraordinary combination of musical intimacy and the outdoors.

Join us. We promise you the unexpected. No two concerts at The Griffin House are the same – whether the event takes place indoors or in one of our three outdoor spaces, we strive to match the feel of the space to the sound of the music… Which means we get creative! And, of course, there is no way to control the weather, which we respect, admire, and love to highlight in each concert held at The Griffin House. Rain, shine, wind or snow, our shows adapt and exist based on the skies, making each musical experience all the more individual.

Tickets are available in advance as our shows are announced. We were fortunate enough to sell out every single Summer 2015 concert, so we highly recommend joining our mailing list for regular updates so you don’t miss your chance to purchase tickets!

This year, our additional proceeds will go to the Gorge Community Foundation. Various local wineries provide tastings and wines by the glass, also sharing a portion of the proceeds with GCF.

If you would like to reserve The Griffin House for your own Concert, Wedding or Special Event, we invite you to be in touch!

** Please be sure to give advance notice if you require ADA special needs accommodations, we are prepared to support whatever you may need!

Upcoming Sunday Sessions

The Griffin Family is happy to support the Hood River Valley High School Music Dept. & live music in the Gorge ~ all proceeds paid out and donated.  Be a sponsor, our high school musicians appreciate it and we do too!  A portion of our wine tastings also goes to benefit the school.

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018


6:30pm – 8:30pm



Sunday, May 13thMother’s Day!!
Harvest Gold ~ Neil Young tribute band
Bring your MOM as our guest with two donations ; )

Tickets at the door will be $30 and may get sold out so book early for Mother’s Day concert!

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