Summer dates are still available!

Outdoor wedding venue, vacation rental of home, rehearsal dinners, wine tasting, concerts, special events and occasions!  Think Fall as well for beautiful Fall colors and sublime atmosphere!

About booking requests …

The reservation booking request form and calendar has all of our events listed. If a particular date already has a function that is not to say that there may be a time slot on that day that could accommodate you, especially if it is a mid-day wedding or rehearsal dinner (for example). If there is a specific date you wish to book, please contact us specific details.

Venue pricing by day or function

Rental options in ascending order with regard to price. Midweek afternoons and evenings are more available and less expensive. Weekends are most popular with Saturdays in particular.

  • $ Friday or weekday Evening /Afternoon
  • $$ Sunday Morning or Afternoon
  • $$$ Saturday only
  • $$$$ Fri-Sun Weekend home Rental with 1 wedding or Special Event